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Women's MBT Rukiya Walk Lite Lace Coffee Bean

$159.95  $119.99
Sale: $65.58
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melissa aperi
Love them. Comfortable and well made
Love this shoes however hope little more darker COFFEE color.

Stephen Bowers
I love these shoes. The bad news is they were way too small. I gave them to my daughter who wears 2 sizes smaller and they fit her perfectly. She has bad ankles and these are the only shoes that make the pain stop. I ordered another style and hopefully they will fit.

peter tucci
These help both my lower back and neck issues. MBT's are great for proper spline alignment and pain relief. They helped me get out of daily physical therapy and live a more pain-free life!

Patrick Van Slyke
For ages I've always had black cross-trainers - usually Reeboks - as my go-to shoe for most outdoor or gym activity and to wear while traveling, but I'm switching to MBT because the technology does help my lower back and knees, allowing me to walk mostly pain frees. The model feels great, but the leather seems less like leather than the Reeboks and I worry about getting them damp (some MBTs have had problems with the special sole falling apart). I don't mean jumping in puddles. Just wearing them when it's rainy. I'm keeping one pair of my Reeboks just in case. I'll just have to see how they hold up. They are not, I should, add my only MBTs.

Layla Olson
Since this company was sold,the new shoes are narrower, stiffer and take longer to break in. I had to purchase a size up from the previous manufacturer. I like the look of this shoe as it is very nice with dress slacks but tongue rubs sore spots on my feet unless I wear laces very loose. My feet are "princess and the pea" sensitive though and I was spoiled by the quality of the others. These will do. I switched out the liners for ones from the old shoes as they were softer and had more cushion. I hope the company reads these reviews and makes some adjustments.