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Women's MBT Kisumu 3S Red

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I once had a pair of REAL MBT sandles just like these and the original pair was much better - felt better - more sturdy - heavier - better soles - etc but the real MBT is no longer available - due to arthritis problems in my feet there is no other type of shoe that I can wear with comfort so I am very happy that these are available and are so easy to get through the store

Stacy Reid
I have been wearing the Kisumu MBTs for 8 yrs (since completion of chemo left me with neuropathy in my feet), and loved the first couple of pair. However, the material and design has changed across the ball of the foot and I don't like them as well as the original design. The rocking bottom still promotes circulation in the foot and is awesome.

Edna Johnson
I have been wearing MBT's for many years. I was so disappointed when they went out of business. The company was sold and the newer versions of the Kisamu were not as comfortable as the original ones and I could not even wear them. Now it looks like MBT is back again with all new styles and a even better bottom that will not blow out if it gets wet. These new version of the Kisamu are not as comfortable as the original as they have more narrow straps and not the same padding but they are much improved from the last ones and are quite wearable. They have a smaller profile than the original ones which is nice for a more feminine look. You do have to be careful that when you close the velcro it is right in the middle of the strap so it does not touch your foot or otherwise they will rub. This is due to the more narrow profile but if placed properly they seem to work pretty well.

Stephanie Meza
I have worn MBTs for many years and these are real improvement over the earlier version of Kisumu. They are far less clunky looking and just as comfortable. True to size, there is no need to buy a size larger because it will just be too long. As the tag on the shoe reminds you, the correct fit is to have the heal at the end of the sole. I am happily retiring my last pair of Kisumu (now seven years old!) only because they are dense foam on the sole is finally flattening and crumbling off. No complaints here! These sandals really hold up to hard and long wear, as they should for the cost. It took only one wearing of the new pair to get the straps adjusted to a comfortable fit.