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Men's MBT Sabra Trail Sandal Charcoal Gray and Blue

$159.95  $119.00
Sale: $65.58
Save: 59% off

More expensive and no match in comfort to my very similar Keens sandals. However, since I have hallux limits (permanent turf toe, arthritis), I wanted a sandal with a rocker, and this is the best of this style I have seen. Very light and cool -- best for warm days. But similar styles for "normal feet" often have a hard rubber or silicon in the front for toe protection. Not here. These are light summer sandals. I also miss the softness yet strong build of my Keens. Still, if you have toe problems, the best I've tried so far Once broken in, maybe an all day wear. Arch support OK because rockers, for me, tend to do that; the Keens did not. Can adjust size on the top and the back, which is nice. Overall, for me, a thumbs up...or big toe up?
Date Added: 11/01/2016 by Ardis Parmer