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Women's MBT Rukiya Walk Lite Lace Coffee Bean

$159.95  $119.99
Sale: $65.58
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For ages I've always had black cross-trainers - usually Reeboks - as my go-to shoe for most outdoor or gym activity and to wear while traveling, but I'm switching to MBT because the technology does help my lower back and knees, allowing me to walk mostly pain frees. The model feels great, but the leather seems less like leather than the Reeboks and I worry about getting them damp (some MBTs have had problems with the special sole falling apart). I don't mean jumping in puddles. Just wearing them when it's rainy. I'm keeping one pair of my Reeboks just in case. I'll just have to see how they hold up. They are not, I should, add my only MBTs.
Date Added: 11/08/2016 by Patrick Van Slyke