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Women's MBT Leasha Trail Lace-up Pink, Black and Green

$169.95  $129.99
Sale: $69.68
Save: 59% off

Ordered my usual size 10. Perfect fit. I have been buying MBT shoes since 2006 and I find them to be the best for standing up straight and ease on feet. I had to choose between these and MBT Sport 3, both fit the same and both are amazing, but I could not justify keeping both styles as they do last for years, thus sent these back and kept the MBT Sport 3 as the Sport 3 didn't make my foot look too big. I will probably get these at a later date when I'm not going to get stuck in a rain storm, another reason I chose MBT Sport 3 is they just seemed more durable.
Date Added: 12/16/2020 by Joanne Clarke