MBT Women's GT 16 Blue / Cyan

112.4625 ~ 149.95 USD

MBT Women's GT 16 Blue / Cyan
The MBT Women's GT 16 Blue / Cyan has a classic design with a new height and sole with an added glitter finish.
The MBT Women's GT 16 Blue / Cyan and Style Number 700817-982y. This MBT Outlet Shoes Related Tags MBT Rocker Shoes.
The new MBT GT 16 isn't just a running shoe. It's a running revolution. The tri-density, rocker sole enables you to transition from heel, to midfoot and toe off efficiently. It provides cushioning and protection with the Pivot Strike promoting a natural gait with every stride.
Forefoot: 36.5 mm
Heel: 41 mm
Drop: 4.5 mm
Gusseted tongue protects you from the elements.
Rubber outsole for durable traction on any terrain.
The MBT Women's GT 16 Blue / Cyan Clearance and MBT outlet shoes Shop. Style 700817-982y & Women's GT 16.
Pressure-mapped Nike Flex outsole for a natural running stride.
MBT Women's GT 16 Blue / Cyan Clearance | MBT outlet shoes
IU outsole with waffle-inspired design provides traction on a variety of surfaces.
IU midsole for cushioning and lightweight comfort that keeps your feet feeling fresh all day.

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